Company : AMF Inc, Electrosystems Division P O Box 128 Vanfalia, OH 45377, USA Phone: 513/898-5881 (Not a current commercial producer)
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About:Prototypical Beginning Starting in 1985 with one old van, some tools and a lot of entrepreneurial gusto on the part of its founders John Frisella and Tim Weir, AMF Electric has grown steadily throughout the intervening years. Consistent thread A genuine and highly motivating sense of urgency has always been a part of the AMF way of doing business. The desire to provide both SERVICE and VALUE lies at the heart of "the AMF way", it's sense of urgency. Based on timeless principals While in the business of electrical contracting, part of "the AMF way" has always been, remains, and will always be, the recognition that there is more to life than 'chasing the almighty dollar'. John C. and Tim 1 operate AMF on a shared set of beliefs. These are: * A Christian world view * Constitutional precepts of limited government * Support of the liberty-providing Free Enterprise system * A need to give back to the industry and community * Requirement to provide a safe and beneficial workplace
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