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About:Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq:MSCC) is a semiconductor manufacturer specializing in system-engineered integrated circuits and high reliability semiconductors to support its steady growth and profitability. A long-time supplier of high-reliability discrete components to military and aerospace customers, Microsemi has transformed itself into a global supplier of high performance analog, mixed-signal integrated circuits and high reliability discrete semiconductors that manage and regulate power, protect against transient voltage spikes, and transmit, receive and amplify electronic signals. Microsemi serves premier companies in six broad markets: mobile/ connectivity, notebooks/ LCD TV/ display, medical, defense, and commercial air/space. By working closely with other key suppliers as well as our customers ’ development teams, Microsemi is able to identify unique ways to influence future designs – beyond the scope of simple product enhancements. The resulting “system-engineered” solutions create must-have products with competitive barriers and higher margins.
Type U ds U dg I d U gs
APT30M85BVR Ucb: 300V Ueg: Ic: 40A Ucg:
APT30M90AVR Ucb: 300V Ueg: Ic: 33A Ucg:
APT4012BVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 37A Ucg:
APT4014BVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 28A Ucg:
APT4014HVR Ucb: 500V Ueg: Ic: 28A Ucg:
APT4015AVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 25.5A Ucg:
APT4016BN Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 31A Ucg:
APT4016BVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 27A Ucg:
APT4018HVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 22A Ucg:
APT4020BN Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 26A Ucg:
APT4020BVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 23A Ucg:
APT4030CNR Ucb: 500V Ueg: Ic: 15A Ucg:
APT40M35JVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 93A Ucg:
APT40M35PVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 89A Ucg:
APT40M42JN Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 86A Ucg:
APT40M70JVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 53A Ucg:
APT40M70LVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 57A Ucg:
APT40M75JN Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 56A Ucg:
APT40M82WVR Ucb: 400V Ueg: Ic: 44A Ucg:
APT5010B2VFR Ucb: 500V Ueg: Ic: 47A Ucg: