Company : Semicoa Semiconductors 333 McCormick Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA Phone: 714/979-1900
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About:Corporate Background SEMICOA is a leader in the design and development of small signal and power transistors for high-reliability military/aerospace and commercial markets. Beginning in 1968 SEMICOA has specialized in the manufacturing of discrete silicon semiconductors focusing on small signal transistors. SEMICOA has a complete line of standard products and can design custom components. The design, development and wafer fabrication operations are located in Southern California. The facility achieved the highest U.S. government qualification (JANS, MIL-PRF-19500, Space Level) for the production of electronic components and is also ISO9001, and AS9100 certified. The modern manufacturing facility performs discrete and hybrid assembly utilizing innovative techniques and processes. High volume production is performed on dedicated assembly lines to reduce cost and increase throughput. Mission Statement Our mission is to supply quality solid state solutions to our customers worldwide, thereby providing them a business edge in technology, reliability and performance.
Type V ceo V cbo L c h fe
2N2222AUB Ucb: 40V Ucb: 75V Ic: 800mA Hfe: 100MIN
2N2857UB Ucb: 15V Ucb: 30V Ic: 40mA Hfe: 50MIN
2N2905A Ucb: 60V Ucb: 60V Ic: 600mA Hfe: 100/300
2N2905AL Ucb: 60V Ucb: 60V Ic: 600mA Hfe: 100/300
2N5004 Ucb: 80V Ucb: 100V Ic: 5A Hfe: 70/200
2N5005 Ucb: 80V Ucb: 100V Ic: 10A Hfe: 70/200
2N6987 Ucb: 60V Ucb: 60V Ic: 600mA Hfe: 75/225nS
2N6988 Ucb: 60V Ucb: 60V Ic: 600mA Hfe: 75/225nS